Is WordPress Easy To Learn? Get To Grips With This Powerful Web Platform!

So first up, it is essential to apprehend that WordPress is available in flavours: and If you are not certain at the variations among those , this is the gist: is the “hosted” model of WordPress. This method that your internet site is tied to the net carrier.

This is just like how different net offerings like Wix, SquareSpace and others work. Here, you are constrained through the capability of the net carrier and frequently it is very difficult…if now no longer impossible…to transport your internet site to any other web website hosting carrier.

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On the other hand, is the “standalone” version of WordPress. Here, you can register for web hosting with any number of hosting providers, install WordPress there and use it to do whatever you want.
I strongly recommend that you use the second version of WordPress, the “standalone” version of By the way, they call it the “” version because you can visit and download the latest version of WordPress for free. However, almost all web hosting companies have easier-to-use automatic WordPress installers.Next, how hard is it to use WordPress? How does it actually work? Well, most traditional web design tools work much like word processors. They allow you to open, edit and save files. But WordPress doesn’t work like that at all. On the contrary, WordPress is a so-called content management platform (CMS).
But maximum importantly, it is important to nail down the fundamentals of WordPress early on and get snug with the way it works.
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