Alternative Web Browsers To Chrome – Secure, Private Browsing (three BEST Picks!)

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  • Vivaldi is a rapid, lean, current internet browser. Give it a attempt proper here.
  • These days, I do maximum of my internet surfing with FireFox. It’s rapid, packed with features, and would not bathroom matters down. Check it out proper here.
  • Brave is a newer, very speedy internet browser that blocks commercials and monitoring on-line through default. It’s super-slick, so make certain to test it out!

Transcription For instance, we recognise Big Tech groups like Google, Facebook and others are monitoring our behaviour online…we recognise Google Chrome is reporting again to Google HQ with our information in hand…which they then use to serve up personalised commercials to us. I do not know approximately you, however to me, 1) That’s creepy as hell!, and 2) I hate, sincerely HATE marketing and marketing. I ought to move on an entire rant approximately how silly marketing and marketing is…however I’ll shop that for every other video. In the meantime, it is critical to recognise the way to guard your self and your information online…for that protection and peace of thoughts as you surf the web…

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